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Understanding Spiritual Care and the Benefits of Hospital Chaplaincy

What is a hospital chaplain?   Chaplains are service people who are a part of the multidisciplinary teams in institutions such as hospitals, military, schools, and more. But what many people do not know or often misunderstand is the variety of roles a chaplain is there to fill and the different kinds of support they […]

How to be Resilient: Tips for Overcoming Your Biggest Challenges

Having resilience means standing strong and pushing back in the face of challenges. It’s holding your ground and forging ahead even when the current is working against you and pushing you backward. For many us, resilience sometimes seems like a natural characteristic – either you have it or you don’t – but that’s not the […]

Emotional Well-being During Roller-coaster Times

We live in difficult and uncertain times. Keeping up with politics and current events can be distressing. The world may feel like it’s out of control, and you may feel like informing yourself as much as possible is a way to find control again. However, it is important to be mindful of your mental state […]

What Is a Chaplain? Everything You Need to Know

What Is A Chaplain? Though chaplains play vital roles in professional, medical, military and other contexts, those roles are not always well understood. Chaplains provide spiritual care, but what does that really mean? What Does A Chaplain Do? For one thing, chaplains are not “fixers.” They are not social workers or psychologists, though some theory […]

How to Cope with Anxiety

It’s OK to be Anxious The last few months have been packed with uncertainty and new, unprecedented circumstances. It’s scary stuff. As a result, it makes a lot of sense that many people are feeling elevated levels of stress and anxiety. We’re going to talk about different ways to manage anxiety, but the important thing […]

Online Support Groups: Everything You Need to Know

What are Online Support Groups? Online support groups take the best of both worlds and put it together to provide benefits to many people.  Support groups connect people going through similar challenging experiences creating a common bond.  Having sessions online gives people all the conveniences and advantages that the internet has to offer.   Why a […]

Mental Health Awareness Month |

As May and Mental Health Awareness Month come to a close, we reflect on the importance of emotional health and how to practice healthy self-care. Why do we have Mental Health Awareness Month? Since 1949, each year the month of May has been observed in the United States as Mental Health Awareness Month. The purpose […]

(Dis)Connected: How Social is Social Media? – Creating a Real Connection Online

With the Internet providing many new avenues for connecting with people, one must choose the right place to connect to combat and prevent loneliness. Today, it seems that we are more connected than ever, yet people all over the United States report increased feelings of loneliness.

Getting Better but Feeling Worse: Needing Connection After Leaving the Hospital

Being in the hospital, especially for extended periods, can be physically and emotionally isolating. Many people experience loneliness and isolation after being discharged from the hospital.

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