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Ezzree’s platform allows healthcare organizations to access affordable Spiritual Care Services for the benefit of their patients, families and staff. Ezzree’s Spiritual Care Services platform will transform your ROI, increase patient satisfaction, and provide necessary emotional care for your patients.

We serve a multitude of industries including companies, universities, and social services organizations.

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How Ezzree Works

The word “Ezzree” means “my help,” and we hold tight to the conviction that Ezzree’s purpose is connecting healthcare, social services and civil services organizations, companies, and universities to Spiritual Care Services. Our platform’s network includes experienced chaplains, social workers, counselors, medical decision advisors, patient advocates and other trained professionals. These expert professionals provide a robust emotional, social and spiritual support system. As an online spiritual services software platform, Ezzree is a uniting force for those who are searching for healing through connecting with others. Our mission is to elevate Spiritual Care Services by offering personally and socially transformational emotional and spiritual support.

Meet the Executive Team

Rochelle Robins, Co-Founder and President of Ezzree

Rochelle Robins is recognized as a social entrepreneur, a creative thinker who institutes change for the better of humanity. Rochelle is a pioneer and innovator in spiritual care and education (chaplaincy). The Ezzree Platform stemmed from Rochelle's initial vision to create an easy access to human interaction and compassionate support for individuals who long for connection. Rochelle created Ezzree with her business partner, Efrat Greenstein Brayer, on the foundations of presence, meaning-making, and exchanges that lead to life transformation. Rochelle is committed to the Ezzree philosophy and platform offering the highest caliber of response to the field of human services

Efrat Greenstein Brayer, Co- Founder and CEO of Ezzree

Efrat Greenstein Brayer, as a young child, got such a thrill from visiting the elderly,  understanding her mere presence could make a difference in someone else’s life.  Although Efrat became an international corporate attorney, her passion was providing spiritual support and care to those in need.   When diagnosed with a serious illness, she embarked on a journey to pursue her true purpose --  assisting those in need confronted with life’s challenges.  Now working together with her business partner, Rochelle Robins, on Ezzree’s online platform, they are dedicated to connecting organizations to easy and affordable access to care.  Ezzree’s experienced professionals provide unique support services -- guidance, advocacy and advice.  Rochelle and Efrat are helping organizations elevate their spiritual care services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Ezzree Spiritual Care Service?

    The Spiritual Care Services provided through our proprietary technology include emotional, spiritual, psychological and social support for those dealing with life altering situations (loss, illness, grief, death, and dying), medical dilemmas, and navigating the healthcare system. Our unique spiritual care platform is breaking through and expanding the confines of traditional chaplaincy into people’s lives, living rooms, offices, and communities.

    Who does Ezzree serve?

    We serve health care organizations, universities, social service organizations, and corporations. All Spiritual Care Services are HIPAA compliant and strictly confidential. Chaplains and Spiritual Care Counselors interact and offer support through live, real-time video-conferencing. One-on-one and group sessions are available.

    How does Ezzree protect privacy and ensure my information remains confidential?

    Ezzree is a HIPAA compliant website. For further information see our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

    What are the benefits of Ezzree services?

    Healthcare organizations increase their patient satisfaction, return on investment and rankings. Companies improve employee productivity and engagement through Ezzree. They also reduce costs related to employee turnover, health care costs and absenteeism. Our platform easily and affordably connects people to meaningful interactions with trained spiritual care professionals.

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