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Who Is Ezzree For?

Ezzree was created to help individuals who are experiencing loneliness, anxiety, depression, or grief by offering a therapeutic approach to wellness.

Receive support in a safe and private environment. We invite you to join one of our online Support Groups or a One-on-One Session with a professionally trained guide.

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How Ezzree Works

We believe everyone should have access to affordable support and guidance. For a limited time during our pilot program, we are offering online Support Groups for free and One-On-One sessions at 50% off our regular rate.

Simply choose a meeting time and complete the registration process.

Support Group

$15.00 $0.00

Our online support group allows you to connect with one of our professional guides and other Ezzree members to discuss a variety of life issues in a safe and positive environment.

Please check the schedule for available times.

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One-On-One Session

$25.00 $12.50

If you don't feel comfortable sharing what you are experiencing with others in a group setting, we have a more private option for you. Ezzree also offers private One-On-One Sessions where you will receive your guides full attention during the session.

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About Ezzree Guides

Ezzree Guides are trained professionals — experienced counselors, social workers, chaplains, advisors and advocates. They are qualified and skilled compassionate care clinicians adhering to industry standards.

They specialize with helping individuals that suffer from some of the most common challenges of life that include: social isolation, aftercare, living with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, grief, or loneliness.

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What Our Members Are Saying

  • My Ezzree Guide and other members of the support group helped me make decisions about my loved one’s care that I couldn’t sort through on my own.

    — Lucas

  • My Ezzree Guide provided me with ability to have clarity about the problems I have been wrestling with for so long.

    — Drew

  • I am so grateful to Ezzree for its Support Groups. I really needed to talk with others who are also coping with caring for an ailing loved one. I was able to connect to the community without leaving my sick mother alone in our house. Our Ezzree Guide did a great job in facilitating the group. Ezzree is the only answer out there.

    — Evelyn

  • My Ezzree Guide helped me find the courage to navigate my challenges through compassionate listening and thoughtful caring responses.

    — Scott

  • I was heard and empowered. I was able to make meaning out of the chaos in my life through talking with my Ezzree Guide. She REALLY listened to me! Thank you!

    — Tami

  • My session with my Ezzree Guide changed me for the good. His interactions were encouraging but he didn’t lead me in any particular direction. He gently guided me to discover the direction I was looking to find.

    — Louis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ezzree Service?

Our trained practitioners help you navigate through life’s challenges to guide you to a better place through our unique, multi-disciplinary approaches.

How will Ezzree help me?

Ezzree Guides are trained practitioners who will help you make meaning out of and navigate through your life’s experiences. Ezzree is therapeutic but not therapy.

How does Ezzree protect my privacy and ensure my information remains confidential?

Ezzree is a HIPAA compliant website. For further information see our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions.

How can I become an Ezzree Guide to provide Ezzree Services?

You can begin the application process here.

Can I pick my Ezzree Guide?

You will be able to select and schedule with a particular Ezzree Guide (if you've already had a session with that person) if that Ezzree Guide is available. All of our Ezzree Guides are trained and have the skills to provide you with the high quality of service you deserve.

Need support and tools to navigate life’s challenges?

Life can feel overwhelmingly stressful, confusing, lonely, and unfulfilling.
Join an online Support Group or a One-On-One Session to get the support and clarity you need.