How to Cope with Anxiety

It’s OK to be Anxious

The last few months have been packed with uncertainty and new, unprecedented circumstances. It’s scary stuff. As a result, it makes a lot of sense that many people are feeling elevated levels of stress and anxiety.

We’re going to talk about different ways to manage anxiety, but the important thing to know from the outset is that it’s ok to feel anxious. In fact, with so much going on around you, it’d be difficult to expect anything else. Let’s talk about some strategies and ways to keep that anxiety in control so you can continue to be productive and feel good.

How to Cope with Anxiety: Handling Uncertainty

For many people, the roots of their anxiety are uncertainty and feeling a lack of control over the things impacting their lives.

Here are some tips for dealing with anxiety and reclaiming control of the aspects of your life you can control:

Anxiety Help: Managing Your Media Consumption

We all understand the importance of being well-informed on these developing situations. Proper precautions and up to date information literally save lives. With that said, there is still such a thing as good and bad habits when it comes to media consumption. Here are some tips for coping with anxiety by controlling your media intake:

Make sure you’re only using reliable, trustworthy sources. Try to simplify things by sticking to the CDC, World Health Organization (WHO), and other health authorities.

Don’t exhaust yourself. It’s important to be up to date, but staying informed doesn’t mean you need to check your phone or computer every chance you get. Try setting a routine, maybe two predetermined times per day, where you’ll get yourself caught up on the news.

Don’t fall into the social media rabbit hole. Social media can be a rich resource, but when you’re trying to manage your own anxiety, sometimes you need to step away from the stories, opinions, and noise that fills your social media feed. Use social media, but remember, it’s important to maintain balance.

Tips for Keeping Anxiety Down and Spirits Up

Beyond managing your media consumption, there are things you can do for yourself to feel upbeat, stay productive, and keep as clear a head as possible. Like we said at the beginning, don’t try to fix or remove your anxiety – try to manage it and keep it under control. Here are some tips to help curb anxiety:

Stay Connected with People

Quarantine, isolation, lockdown…whatever stage you’re up to, we’ve all been feeling the social distance over these past few months. To deal with anxiety, try to keep up with your friends and family using a phone or computer. At times like these we need each other more than ever. Don’t let the distance keep you apart from the people you care about!

Deep Breathing and Meditation

Set aside time to sit comfortably, breathe deeply, and clear your head. More than just an easy way to relax, these methods are actually scientifically proven to help relieve stress. Spend a few minutes breathing deeply and meditating to refresh yourself and continue your day with renewed energy.

Treat Yourself

To deal with anxiety, it helps to give yourself distractions and reasons to feel good. Do yourself a favor, buy yourself a treat, set aside time to do something you love… At times like these, we need to be sensitive to our own struggles and give a lot of self-care and love.

Be creative

Taking up a creative hobby, whether it is writing, drawing, learning an instrument or even just being ambitious in the kitchen can be a good distraction from your anxiety. In addition to helping distract yourself and help in coping with anxiety, mastery of a skill can make you feel more confident and in control

Reach out to others

One way of dealing with anxiety is connecting with people who are important in your life and sharing your feelings with them. You may find that those close to you also are trying to learn how to cope with anxiety, and you can support each other. It is important not to isolate emotionally while you are isolating physically.


Journaling can be a useful emotional outlet when dealing with anxiety. Expressing your feelings in a safe, private way is an effective form of anxiety help. Journaling regularly over a period of time can help you understand yourself better and give you perspective on who you are as a person.

Experiment with mindfulness

There are many resources online about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation. During mindfulness meditation, the objective is to stay in a meditative state and not cling to your thoughts. Don’t force your thoughts away, just acknowledge them and let them go. This may sound difficult, and it may be hard the first few times you try. However, a routine of mindfulness meditation can help you in dealing with anxiety.

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