Facts and Zoom Tips

How to Join an Ezzree Appointment:

Ezzree uses Zoom to host our appointments but it is not required that you have the Zoom app to join your appointment.

Here are your options for joining:

  • Login to your Ezzree account
    • Click on “My Appointments”
    • Click “Join” at the time of your appointment
  • Click on the link in the email we sent you immediately after your purchase.
  • Click on the link in the reminder email sent 1 hour before the time of your appointment.

Technology Needs for Online Sessions:

Technology needs for online sessions are fairly basic. At a minimum, you should have access to the following:

  1. A personal computer with a fairly recent operating system, Windows or MacOS
    — This can be a laptop or a desktop. Tablets are acceptable. If you cannot access through your computer or mobile you can dial in to zoom audio using your phone.
  2. An up-to-date Web browser
  3. A webcam, microphone, and headphones
    — We recommend using the built-in microphone in your computer and ear buds or headphones. Depending upon your computer, you may also wish to consider a microphone headset. The better the microphone and headphone quality, the better your experience will be. Also if you do not have a webcam built into your computer, webcams are inexpensive and will enhance your experience in the session.
  4. Wired internet connection
    — We very strongly recommend using a wired connection to the Internet for your online courses. This can be as simple as connecting your computer to a network port on your cable modem or router with a network cable. We do not recommend using home wi-fi unless absolutely necessary. Do not use public wi-fi (at a Starbuck’s for example), a cellular data connection, or a dial-up Internet connection.

When you are on a Zoom call, please keep these simple rules in mind:


  1. Make sure you are in a quiet, private, and well-lit space at least 5 minutes before the scheduled session start time. If other people are in your location, please be in a room by yourself.
  2. Ensure that your computer has a stable internet connection and a working webcam and microphone.
  3. If in a Club session, be courteous to fellow Uzers by muting your microphone until you need to speak to reduce excess noise.
  4. Be respectful of other Uzers and your Guide.
  5. Arrive on time so you get the full benefit of the session.


  1. Do not do anything you would not do in a public setting. You can always turn off your video if you do not want to be seen.
  2. Do not text, private chat, or be otherwise engaged in cross-talk.
  3. If you have your video on, please do not wander around the room/house while on Zoom, please stay seated in one place.
  4. Do not have private conversations in front of the computer; assume that if the computer is in the room, the camera is recording at all times.

If you have any technical issues before or during your session, please contact at techservices@ezzree.com or call (707) 267-7520

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