Online Support Groups: Everything You Need to Know

What are Online Support Groups?

Online support groups take the best of both worlds and put it together to provide benefits to many people.  Support groups connect people going through similar challenging experiences creating a common bond.  Having sessions online gives people all the conveniences and advantages that the internet has to offer.  

Why a Support Group?

Support groups provide people with much support:

1. A forum to share our personal situations, information and coping mechanisms

2. A community to hear about the experiences of others, to offer emotional and moral support as well as to obtain information and coping mechanisms from people with common stories and struggles

3. An opportunity to learn from others who are currently going through similar circumstances and others who have been in your shoes before.

4. A way of filling a need that cannot always be done by family and friends. 

5. A welcoming home to feel comfortable and supported. 

6. A place people go to share freely and see that they are not alone in their struggles.

With a support group, a community is established, connecting like-minded people. 

Why an Online Support Group?

1. Make it Easy: The Convenience of Online Support Groups

The internet has made support groups more easily accessible.  For many, the hardest part of joining a support group is consistently setting aside the time and having the energy to attend in person. With online support groups, all you have to do is open your computer.  From the comforts of your own home, you can connect with a community without commuting, extra planning and added stress.

2. Anonymity

People attending online support groups do not need to reveal their identity or any personal information to the group.  Online groups also negate the need to worry about running into or overlapping with people you know, which are often concerns or discomforts with local in-person groups.

3. Frequency

Online support groups tend to operate more frequently and, thereby, give more flexibility and opportunity to join.  You have the ability to attend wherever you would like and how often you would like.

4. Connection

Sometimes social media can be isolating, yet with online support groups, you get the social benefits and connection that we want from social media.

Next Steps

Ezzree that connects you to support and guidance when you need.  Our platform allows those in your organization to communicate with a professionally trained guide and other members to discuss a variety of life issues on our secure and private virtual platform.