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Please use the following email addresses to contact us as needed:

1.Technical Services – Users and Guides should contact Technical Services ( when needing assistance in trouble-shooting any technical issues in using, including registration, scheduling, setting appointment, shopping cart, paying for session, accessing appointment schedule, joining a session, using Zoom (please check this link) during the session and post session notes.

2. Customer Service – Users should contact Customer Service ( when they have questions that are not technical in nature or relates to use of the website, such as information about the services, issues related to Guides, issues related to refunds and packages. Please note that Customer Service deals with administrative issues and should not be used for Users to receive support and guidance with life’s challenges. In those situations, Users should make appointments with our professionally trained Guides.

3. Guide Services – Guides should contact Guide Services ( when they have questions related to the Guide application or any issue related to the services they provide through