Connecting you to support and guidance when you need it

About Ezzree

Our Mission

The word “Ezzree” means “my help” and we hold tight to the conviction that Ezzree’s purpose is delivering support and guidance to those who need it.

We connect individuals to an emotional, social, and spiritual support system. As an online support group software platform, Ezzree is a uniting force for people who are searching for healing through connecting with others. Our online support groups are led by empathic and trained professionals. Our mission is to provide connection, a listening ear, and a safe space for anyone who wants it.

Most importantly, we believe that this platform is personally and socially transformational, providing each person the opportunity to both give and receive social, emotional, and spiritual support.

About Our Guides

Ezzree Guides are trained professionals — experienced counselors, social workers, chaplains, advisors and advocates. They are qualified and skilled compassionate care clinicians adhering to industry standards.

They specialize in helping individuals who suffer from some of the most common challenges of life that include: social isolation, aftercare, living with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, grief, or loneliness.

Our guides do not prescribe medication or offer any medical services. They offer therapeutic solutions by leading online support groups and offering one on one support.

History of Ezzree

The idea to launch Ezzree was conceived by social entrepreneurs, Efrat Brayer and Rochelle Robins. They asked themselves a simple question: “What if the internet could truly make good on its promise to bring comfort and meaning into people’s lives?”

They observed that there is no other platform online to receive the vital services of affordable one-on-one sessions and online support groups. Efrat and Rochelle noticed a societal void in finding caring leadership to engage in meaning-making and life-changing conversations. For instance, when people ask us how we are, they often don’t mean it in a truly curious and conscious way. It’s a superficial inquiry when individuals may actually want to explore how they’re doing.

Realizing that there are numerous reasons why people can’t travel to an in person support group, they decided to create an online platform. This platform makes communal support with a professional facilitator available to people from the comforts of their own home, office, or even car.