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Ezzree Bioethicists: Medical Decision Advisors

Ezzree’s Medical Decision Advisors (bioethicists) help you make difficult decisions with integrity and from the heart.

For instance, if your parent is on a feeding tube and experiencing a decline, should you or should you not remove the feeding tube?

Another example might be if two doctors are giving you two different opinions about the benefits and detriments of aggressive treatment, whose advice should you follow?


Ezzree Medical Decision Advisors (bioethicists) are leading compassionate thinkers who serve as bioethical and clinical support during times of transition and distress in your own or your loved one’s life.

Ezzree Medical Advisors (bioethicists) assist you and your family sort through differing opinions about medical care options.  They may be included as a member of your health care team to advocate for the ethical values you and your loved one’s cherish.

If you have questions about palliative care, hospice, life-sustaining devices, or general medical/life concerns, Ezzree’s Medical Decision Advisors (bioethicists) support you as you determine the most compassionate and careful medical or general care choices..

Consult with an Ezzree Medical Decision Advisor to help you determine the most compassionate and careful choices to restore your peace of mind.

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David Perlman, PhD

Dr. Perlman’s passion is to help families, patients, and their clinicians find ethically acceptable solutions to all when faced with value conflicts, emotionally charged situations, and when family members are called on to make complex clinical decisions on behalf of a loved one. He uses his mediation training to ferret out the ethical and clinical values at stake in a case and works towards mutually agreeable solutions that respect the best interest of patients.

Dr. Perlman teaches courses in clinical ethics, public health law, ethics, and policy as well as business ethics. Dr. Perlman is the author of several publications in top, peer-reviewed journals and frequently speaks at international, national, and regional bioethics conferences.

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